• Millennium Partners Promotes Boston Condo with QR Codes

    Originally Published at BeQRious.com

    High-end property developers might be a little dazzled with the constant change of technology and having a wealthier target market means that they probably have to work harder at keeping up with their targets. That is why many property developers are now exploring ways to make use of QR Codes to reach and engage them with smartphones and other wireless devices.

    In fact, what got them thinking about QR Codes is the sheer number of people who virtually explore properties before picking up a phone. For instance, if they see an advertisement in a local newspaper with a QR Code, they would first scan the code before calling the real estate agent up for an appointment. This is how savvy buyers of high-end properties are.

    And that is why Millennium Partners, a New York based property developer, is quick to adopt the technology as a part of their marketing game plan. The property developer’s marketing team has rolled out a QR Code for their latest project called the Millennium Place by displaying a digital signboard where consumers can scan the code and are taken to a mobile-friendly website with 3D simulation. With the 3D simulation, interested potential buyers will get to virtually explore how they intend to build the fifteen storey high-end condominium. On the aside, it was said that the residential building will be ready in 2013 in Boston. It may have taken the developer more than four years to develop the building, representatives shared that it will be Boston’s large-scale condominium.

    Some may lament at the fact that the QR Codes should do more than just to show how the building is built and they would have a valid point. But let’s just say that I am pretty sure the property developer’s got a good team of marketing people working behind them and I am quite confident that this is just the tip of the iceberg. They probably have a lot more up their sleeves which will slowly be revealed as the completion of the building close in.

    A study done in the United States revealed that there were more than fourteen million people who owned a smartphone and have scanned a QR Code at least once in the past year as at June 2011. In the same study done by ComScore, they found that one fifth of consumers actually bothered to scan a QR Code when they are out shopping in malls.

    Not a revelation to us because we here at BeQRious.com are already pretty sure that people were going to take to QR Codes like bees to nectar.